The company has a widely ramified regional network distribution.We distribute wholesale goods in Yerevan and 11 marzes of Armenia. Our customers are supermarket chains, markets, small shops, retail stores,pharmacies,wholesale market etc.Company pre-sellers achieve maximum sales profitability, growth and account penetration within an assigned territory or market segment by effectively selling the company products.


Our professional merchandisers analyze sales figures, customer reactions and market trends to anticipate product needs.

They ensure if the stores are stocked with right products in the right quantities.This includes stocking shelves, arranging and maintaining product displays, pricing products and monitoring the store inventory.


Our delivery service is open Monday-Friday from 10:00-18:00. Truck fleet allows delivering products direct to our customers in time free of charge. Our professional drivers manage to carefully deliver goods within Armenia.

General description RA

Country: The Republic of Armenia

Capital: Yerevan(population 1 103 488 people)

Administrative division: 10 provinces and Yerevan

Currency: Armenian Dram (AMD)

Land Area: total 29743km2

Population: total 3 092 072 people

State Language: Armenian

Economic growth(GDP): 2.1%

Officially registered unemployment, rate: 7%

Employment by sectors: 77% in private sector, 23% in public sector and in state owned companies

Exports of goods and services(% of GDP): -24.2%

Imports of goods and services(% of GDP): 44.78%

Inflation, GDP deflator (annual %): 9.17%

Minimal salary, USA dollars: 85.7

Minimal Consumer basket, USA dollars: 110.7

Life expectancy at birth, total year / 2010: 73.65

Membership to international organizations : UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, WB, EBRD, WTO, BSEC,UNESCO etc.*